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Dancing Vikings is a "game company" by me, dAVE Inden, making "fun" things for the internet and your computer machines. As someone learning to write code I have always struggeld with coming up with projects to do on my own to reinforce the things I've learned. It gets boring trying to make a ToDo app or a weather app using the new fancy tech thing I am trying to learn. So, I have created Dancing Vikings to be a place where I can focus my ideas. By putting everything through the lens of making games I think it will be easier to come up with new projects. Plus, it will give me the chance to be creative and silly, which I haven't done enough lately. All of the games are open source with the source code being hosted on Github. The games will be free to play and hopefully lots of fun.


I will be documenting the journey of creating games, learning game design concepts, and everything else that comes along with this project on Dev.to. You can find all of my posts on my profile.


Work on the first game has begun. It is a single player story / text based game where you fight monsters for treasure until you go home or die told through a chatbot. Similar to an endless runner game it will be all about how far can you go in each session.

Name: Monster Dungeon Danger Quest
Follow along on Github here.


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You can find all of our code on Github.


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